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Chainlink is a well rounded fencing solution due to its utility and durability, while still being very affordable!



Chainlink fences usually are made of galvanized steel. As a result of the galvanizing, the chainlink fence will be protected from rust. Chainlink fences are not affected by pests or rot. Due to the design of the fence, chainlink fences can withstand high winds, rain, and snow.  The weaving, interlocking steel wires provide for an extremely durable and strong fence, that can take any beating. 


Chainlink fencing is a great choice for home owners and business owners wanting an affordable fencing option that does not sacrifice durability and strength. Chainlink fence is a perfect for large projects such as fencing off commercial properties and large residences. Chainlink fence installation is also simpler and quicker process, reduing labor costs. And as stated previously, the low maintenance needs will essentially reduce your maintenance costs down to $0.


Chainlink fences do not need to be repainted or stained. Dirt or mildew buildup will be very minimal, if any at all due to the design and build of the fence. While extremely unlikely, if the chainlink fence were to become damaged such as by vandals, repairs are easy to perform and quick. Possible maintenance may include removing leaves or spiderwebs from the fence.


Chainlink fences can be installed with slats to increase the privacy that the fence offers. They can be installed without slats, for those who want to be able to always see who or what is near their property. They make a good choice for homeowners with pets or children, as chainlink fences do not have large gaps, allowing the pets or children to slip through. Chainklink fences can withstand even the most active yards, and are a safe choice for children, as they do not have any rough edges or corners. 

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