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Field fencing is both an affordable and effective fencing option, for those with large properties.



For those with livestock, field fencing helps improve your ability to manage and secure your livestock. The field fencing prevents your livestock from wandering outside of the boundaries of your property, such as onto neighbor's properties or onto roads. Managing your livestock becomes easier, if they are confined to an enclosed space. The fence also helps keep out animals looking to prey on your animals.


Field fencing is the perfect way to clearly delineate your property lines and borders. A clearly-marked property line can stop encroachment from your neighbors and limit the possibility of any land dispute. Also, clearly marked property lines are a great way to display to the public that your land is private property, and can prevent unwanted and unauthorized people from trespassing onto your land. 


For those with large properties, field fencing can be an extremely affordable option thanks to the fence requiring less material, and the materials being less expensive. Fencing a property can be expensive, so field fencing is great for those who do not need the privacy or elegance of other fence types, such as wood or ornamental, but would still like fencing on their property.


There are many types of different field fencing. The posts and the rails of the fence can be made from metal or wood. The wire itself can also me constructed from different materials such as plastic or metal, and it can woven into different designs, depending on your needs. 

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