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Wood fencing is one of the best ways to increase the privacy of your home. It is highly versatile and aesthetically pleasing.



Wood fencing can increase the privacy of your property. Wooden fencing can allow you to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in your backyard without the worry of who may be watching. For businesses, they can help keep equipment, machinery, vehicles, and other valuable items hidden from public view. The level of privacy you receive from the fence is also highly customizable.


Wood fencing is versatile and has a large variety of options to choose from. Our customers can choose from a variety of different materials such as Cedar, Pine, Redwood, Douglas Fir, and much more. The wood can be stained in a variety of different colors. There are many different styles and design options for wooden fencing such as Side-By-Side and Shadowbox. Wooden fencing allows for customizations such as fence toppers. We will work with you to design and build your dream fence.


Not only do wooden fences increase the privacy of your property, they are appealing to look at and add both warmth and softness to your property. Wooden fences can complement any property and improve the appearance of it, while still providing security. 


Wood fences are both enviromentally-friendly and sustainable. Wood is biodegradable and a renewable material. There are also numerous wood treatments for protecting your fence from hazards such as termites and rot, that are also environmentally-friendly.

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